Black Friday emissions boom predicted

By Roger Harrabin
BBC environment analyst

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The Black Friday shopping event will create a surge in vehicle emissions, according to a report from price comparison website

Lockdown brought an online retail bonanza, and this year’s Black Friday is expected to be the biggest ever.

But each delivery generates carbon dioxide so emissions will spike.

It’s made worse because the concentration of demand to a short space of time overloads the capacity of firms to deliver in the normal way.

Many people expect next day deliveries, so companies have to hire in extra drivers using their own vehicles, which are often much less efficient.

Experts say a little patience from consumers would be a big help.

The report says same-day delivery is also a problem as it gives firms less time to consolidate orders on their routes.

The website’s survey suggested that 21% of people shopping online expect delivery to be cheaper on Black Friday, 55% expect the same, and 3% expect an increase.

The remaining 21% of people didn't think about delivery fees when ordering online.

While 85% of UK consumers plan to shop for Black Friday deals, just one in 10 said they considered the impact of their deliveries on the environment.