Do these Republican voters accept election result?

By Sam Cabral
BBC News, Washington

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  • US election 2020

Over 72 million Americans voted in favour of a second term for President Donald Trump. But despite falling short of victory, many of his supporters say they are not ready to move on.

Although allegations of widespread electoral fraud are unsubstantiated, about 70% of Republican voters do not believe Democrat Joe Biden won a "free and fair" election, according to a Politico/ Morning Consult poll.

The Trump campaign has requested recounts, filed lawsuits and amplified the suspicions of upset supporters.

  • How is President Trump challenging the result?

President-elect Biden's victory will not be solidified until the electoral college meets in mid-December, and many Republicans expect the result to be overturned.

We asked Trump voters what they make of the election result. Here's what they said: