Ivorian Doll: From YouTube drama to Queen of Drill – BBC News

By Kirsty Grant
Newsbeat reporter

Publishedduration1 day agoimage copyrightFireshoneimage caption"Why would I be friendly on the mic? I like to shock people. They see me and think 'how can she look like that but sound so aggressive?'"

"I've always been outspoken. I say things that will make people talk, other people are afraid to do that."

Two years ago, Ivorian Doll was telling outrageous stories and talking about scandalous topics on her YouTube channel.

Now, with the same cheeky energy and quick wit, she's bulldozed her way into the drill music scene.

The 22-year-old artist, real name Vanessa Mahi, tells Radio 1 Newsbeat about the "mad transition".

The Ivorian Doll YouTube channel contained unfiltered stories about being cheated on or having fights.

It was "the kind of stuff people talk about with their friends" and brought her hundreds of thousands of viewers.