PS5: PlayStation’s ‘most extraordinary’ pandemic launch – BBC News

By Steffan Powell and Manish Pandey
Newsbeat reporters

Publishedduration1 day agoimage copyrightSonyimage captionThere are two versions of the PS5 – one with a Bluray drive and another digital-only device

PlayStation 4 is the most popular console of its generation, with over 112 million sold worldwide.

Now, Sony is trying to replicate that success as it steps into a new era of gaming with the PlayStation 5.

The big difference this time is "sensory engagement" according to Jim Ryan, the PlayStation boss.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat about launching it in a pandemic, he says: "It's easily the most extraordinary of all the launches we've ever done."

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Compared to previous generational changes in PlayStation consoles, the PS5 sees a more subtle shift but Jim says it's still going to be "transformational".