Roblox game-makers must pay to die with an ‘oof’ – BBC News

By Jane Wakefield
Technology reporter

Publishedduration1 day agoimage copyrightRobloximage captionRoblox is a multiplayer platform where players can create their own games and join in with others

Fans of the hugely popular Roblox game may soon notice that a familiar noise has fallen silent in the game.

The "oof" sound that famously accompanies the death of characters will temporarily be removed, following a copyright dispute.

When it is reinstated, game-makers will have to buy it, paying around around $1 (£0.76) or 100 in-game currency Robux.

The developer who originally created the sound for a game released 20 years ago, will get compensation.

Only players who build their own games for the platform will have to pay for the sound – for those just playing there will be no charge.

According to Roblox there are around two million developers and 150 million gamers on the platform.