A Quiet Place: Jeff Nichols On To Write And Direct A Spin-Off

Because of the pandemic, we're still waiting for John Krasinski's much-anticipated follow-up to A Quiet Place, which had been due to unleash more sharp-eared creature terror earlier this year. But there is movement within the Quiet Place movie universe, as Midnight Special's Jeff Nichols will write and direct a third film, based on an idea by Krasinski.

Deadline reports that the plot is being kept quiet for now (good call – don't want it to be savaged by alien beasties), but there's speculation that it might not be a direct sequel, but instead following a story elsewhere in the US or the world, where the threat of the creatures remains.

Nichols feels like a good fit – he brings a personal touch to both drama and sci-fi (including films such as Take Shelter and Loving) and is also a smart filmmaker.

The original A Quiet Place, of course, came from writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, with Krasinski polishing the script, directing and co-starring alongside Emily Blunt in the story of a family who must survive the post-apocalyptic situation. A Quiet Place Part II is currently scheduled for 23 April next year.

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