Doug Emhoff: The first ‘second dude’ in the White House

By Holly Honderich
BBC News, Washington

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  • US election 2020

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The moment that Kamala Harris celebrated the news she would be the next vice-president – captured on camera for posterity – was history making three times over. Come January, she will become the first female, first black and first Indian American vice-president.

But the person behind the camera will be making history too. Ms Harris's husband, Douglas Emhoff, will become the country's first second gentleman. He was already the first male spouse, at all, on a winning presidential ticket.

The 56-year-old has so far seemed to relish his role as a political partner. He became a star surrogate during Ms Harris's own presidential bid, and often refers unironically to the #KHive – the name for Ms Harris's most dedicated supporters. His social media feeds resemble unofficial fan pages for his wife.

In August, Mr Emhoff announced a leave of absence from his legal career to support the Biden-Harris ticket full-time.