Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning Is Back For Night Has Fallen

Just when you thought Gerard Butler's Mike Banning couldn't anger-gurn his way through another tough situation in the …Has Fallen franchise, he's back! Butler and director Ric Roman Waugh are reuniting for Night Has Fallen.

Robert Mark Kamen, who cooked up the script for last year's third entry Angel Has Fallen, is also back, but we don't yet know what the issue will be this time that befalls Banning and his presidential boss. Night suggests an attack on the US power systems, but it could also be a painfully topical virus situation. Also unknown at this point? Whether Morgan Freeman will be President Trumball.

Deadline's story simply mentions that the film will shoot at production studio Millennium Media’s Nu Boyana Studios in Bulgaria. We predict shouting. And shooting. And things going boom.

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