Melissa McCarthy Deals With A Powerful AI In The Superintelligence Trailer

The concept of a powerful artificial intelligence laying judgement down upon humanity and threatening to destroy the planet is bad enough, but when it uses the voice (and sometimes face) of James Corden, that might be enough to tip most of us over the edge. Still, that's what Melissa McCarthy must tackle in her new comedy, Superintelligence, which has a trailer online.

A collaboration between McCarthy, husband Ben Falcone (who directs and takes his usual small supporting role) and writer Steve Mallory, the film finds McCarthy as Carol Peters, seemingly the most mundane human being to walk the Earth. Why, then, does a dangerous, superior digital intelligence pick her as the deciding factor in whether it turns the planet into a cinder. Knowing that the end of the world is nigh, Carol does what anyone would do… tries to rekindle and old relationship, here with Bobby Cannavale's George?

The McCarthy/Falcone joint efforts have been a hit and miss, so we'll wait and see where this falls on the scale. It's notable that the movie is going straight to HBO Max in the States on November 26, while this UK trailer promises a cinema release but only says, "Coming Soon".