US Election 2020: The ‘dead voters’ in Michigan who are still alive

By Jack Goodman, Christopher Giles, Olga Robinson and Jake Horton
BBC Reality Check

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image copyrightRoberto Garciaimage captionRoberto Garcia told us: "I'm definitely alive and I definitely voted for Biden!"

Donald Trump's supporters have claimed that thousands of votes were cast in the US election using the names of people who had died.

"I may be 72," Maria Arredondo from Michigan told us when we called her. "But I'm alive and breathing. My mind is working fine and I'm healthy."

Maria said she had voted for Joe Biden and was surprised to hear that her name had appeared on a list of supposedly dead voters in the state.

We spoke to other people in similar situations to that of Maria in Michigan and found similar stories.

There have been occasions in previous US elections of dead people having apparently voted.

This could happen through clerical errors or perhaps other family members with similar names voting with their ballots, but Trump supporters have alleged this has happened on a massive scale at this election.

We set out to find out whether there is evidence for this claim.