‘Dash & Lily’: Dante Brown Breaks Down That Boomer Finale Twist



[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of Dash & Lily, “New Year’s Eve.”]

The title characters of Dash & Lily experience quite the romantic whirlwind in Season 1 of the new Netflix show by passing the notebook back and forth, but there’s no denying that their wingmen played a pretty significant role in bringing them together as well. Lily’s (Midori Francis) big brother Langston (Troy Iwata) actually had the fate of their relationship in his hands at the very end of the show. 

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Just as Lily’s cab is pulling away to take her to the airport in the season finale, Langston finds her notebook at the door. He calls out and gets her attention before the cab takes off, but rather than hand over the notebook, he makes the decision to hide it from her. It’s a key scene that challenges Iwata to show the wheels in Langston’s head turning while making that split second decision. During the spoiler section of our recent interview, Iwata broken down exactly what’s going through Langston’s mind in that moment:

“I think he’s just thinking about the wellbeing of his baby sister and realizing that she’s dealing with a lot right now. She’s having to move to pretty much the other side of the world and was given less than a week’s notices, and she just started liking this guy and that didn’t work out so I think seeing the notebook, of course, at first he’s like, ‘Oh, this is your notebook,’ but very quickly he realizes, ‘You know what? She doesn’t need this right now.’ It’s a little bit too much. And then he snoops and realizes, ‘Oh wait, never mind.’”

Of course Langston ultimately changed his mind and texted Lily a photo of the newest page of the notebook, giving Lily and Dash the happy ending they hoped for. But, it turns out, that’s not the only couple that came together over the course of the show. A spark also ignites between Boomer (Dante Brown) and Sofia (Keana Marie) as well. Here’s what Brown had to said about Boomer’s journey and what he’ll take with him from this experience to Season 2:

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“For me, I think that he learned that even though he’s a loyal friend, he has a life as well. For him, I think he came in feeling as if his friendship was all that he had, but he understood that he’s his own person as well. He has his own friends as well. He cultivates his own relationships, but he can still be that wingman. He can still be that great friend. I think he also learns that he likes [Sofia]. He wants to also find his love so I think he goes into figuring that out as anybody would, as if any teenager would.”

Click here if you’d like to catch the rest of my chat with Iwata and Brown. We’ve also got an interview with Francis and Abrams over here, and one with producer Shawn Levy right here.

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