Attention-loving Trump disappears in final days of term

By Tara McKelvey
BBC News, White House reporter

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Why has the president been so quiet? He loves the spotlight. Yet this month he has been holed up for 14 days in the White House. Here is how he has been spending the final weeks of his term in office.

A US Marine, wearing white gloves and a dark mask, guarded an entrance to the West Wing earlier this week – the president was in his workspace.

Yet he was not involved in the kind of work that usually occupies presidents at this point in their term. Four years ago, he was in the Oval Office getting advice from his predecessor Barack Obama.

He was instead stewing about the election and watching TV, as his tweets have shown. His days of relative seclusion stands in stark contrast to what he was doing before the votes were cast.

Back then, he travelled constantly. In one day, he went to four states. He spoke at rallies and was seen on TV practically-round-the-clock. He often joked about the reclusiveness of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, or "Basement Joe", as Trump called him.