The Masked Singer stars’ body language gives away huge clues to their identities

The Masked Singer stars’ body language decoded as they give away huge clues to their identities (Image: ITV)

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Parcelled up in more wrapping than the average Amazon delivery, the identities of these masked singers should be impossible to read from their body language, but however clever they make the disguises there are still some clues that a poker player would call ‘tells’ from their gestures and body movements, especially when they are mid-song and focusing on throwing our their notes.

We do need to keep in mind though that any full face mask can produce hidden sides to the wearer’s personality, often sides that are in contrast to the way they are normally seen on our TVs, so someone acting coy might be the celeb we most associate with confidence or arrogance and the one strutting onto the stage oozing bravado could be way more shy in real life.

Like Poker-playing The Masked Singer can also involve bluffing too, and although many of the less well-known performers or sports stars up there on stage might be only to happy to give clues about themselves to avoid not being recognized once the mask is pulled off, the bigger named singers will probably have the confidence to try and hide their identities by playing against type.

It’s complicated then, but here are some potential clues or ‘tells’ to look out for:


Just who exactly is Harlequin?
(Image: ITV)

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She was seen being led down the stair by a runner like a proper, high-status diva or royal and her hypnotic, elegant and dramatic hand gestures as she sings do suggest a very dramatic performer. She also pronounced ‘the’ as ‘de’ when she sang Diamonds in the Sky. A quality, elegant and perhaps slightly more mature artist used to commanding audiences with confidence who might just be Scandi or European then?


The Badger gave off some signals
(Image: PA)

Once his song got off the ground Badger fell fully into Heavy Metal body language mode, grabbing the mic and arching his back as he hit the high notes. He played air guitar briefly at one point, too. His body shape suggests a slightly older performer who has never quit the business, meaning he can do all those pelvic thrusts, stomping and back arches without ending up in A&E. His gestures suggest a real keenness to get back to belting out songs. A veteran frontsman for a Heavy Metal band perhaps?


Adorable Bush Baby gave off low levels of vanity
(Image: ITV)

This is the singer whose body language suggest the lowest levels of vanity, inviting the audience to join in the fun and the chorus and putting some comedy in there along with the karaoke. He showed no signs of worries about not hitting the hard notes, so someone older and popular in a completely different line of showbusiness perhaps, or even politics (retired though, given the current levels of work for most MPs).

Grandfather Clock

Who is The Grandfather Clock and what do his 'baby waves' tell us?
(Image: ITV)

His ‘baby waves’ to the judges as he walked out on stage did suggest that he might be friends with at least one of them. The way he stood with his chest puffed and his head rotating around his audience to engage all of them did suggest someone used to some level of being in charge on stage, almost like a teacher or a stand-up comic or maybe a more iconic, older singer. His leg-kick at the end looked like he was telling himself ‘I’ve still got it’, which again could point to a retired singer.


Could Blob be a big name from the days of Motown?

The most difficult costume to spot anything like body language signals from and The Blob seems quite happy to keep rather still in there while he sings. This guy had the confidence to just stand and deliver although there were some clues that he might have been more mobile in his heyday. At the very end of his song he performed a complete spin which was so difficult to perform in that outfit it might be his signature move, meaning he could even be a big name from the days of Motown.


Is Robin a big name performer?
(Image: ITV)

The body language ‘star’ of the show so far, Robin’s body language rituals suggest he’s keen to be a bit of a player, dropping huge clues that might be misleading just for the fun of it. His constant mime of boxing is so obvious it could easily be a bluff although his chest-rub gesture does suggests some alpha pretentions and a love of preening. This is a character of contrasts, with a coy baby-wave at the start turning into a cocky salute at the end. The dance moves looked professional, suggesting a big-name performer might be lurking under that bird costume.


The Swan is a rather cool performer
(Image: PA)

When you remember Swan’s head is behind that ruff, not up at the top of the bird’s neck, this singer’s posture is all about a bent-kneed squat, scanning the audience but without breaking out into a routine. Swan just stands and delivers so I’d imagine a lot of her power on stage comes from her voice and her eye contact with the audience. She did strike a pose at the end but I’d suggest rather a cool performer who normally struts about the stage belting songs at her audience rather than breaking into a boogie.


Sausage gives off the confidence of an accomplished singer
(Image: ITV)

There is some hint of a bit of a laddish approach to life with the leg splay and the bounce but otherwise the body language suggests a current performer with no traces of rust to their act. The hand gesture at the start looked controlling, suggesting they know their own mind and how to control a stage and the way they threw their head back to belt out the power notes suggested a super-confident singer who knows they can belt them easily, even in a sausage costume.

The Viking

Could Viking have a past in opera?
(Image: ITV)

The Viking might look like a cartoon character but his body language when he starts to sing suggests he takes his performances very seriously and might be known for a very emotional delivery. His pause and look down suggests he was getting into the mood and when he sang his left hand performed a constant finger-clenching gesture normally with opera singers while his right hand clutched at his trailing moustache.

The Masked Singer continues on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

For more from body language expert Judi James follow her on Twitter here.

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