Woman who drunkenly stabbed boyfriend in back is jailed – despite his plea for mercy

Alice Orr stabbed her boyfriend Charlie Stewart in the back (Image: Charlie Stewart/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

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A woman who drunkenly stabbed her boyfriend has been jailed despite the man's courtroom plea for mercy.

Alice Orr, 21, knifed Charlie Stewart, 23, in the back while he cooked at their home in Bury, Greater Manchester, last month.

Mr Stewart was rushed to hospital and had three stitches after doctors found an injury to his lower back.

When police arrived at the property to arrest Orr, she was sleeping in bed and then told officers she did not remember what happened.

A court heard Orr had drunk two bottles of white wine before the incident, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Orr admitted unlawful wounding at Minshull Street Crown Court and was jailed for 15 months.

Orr has been jailed for 15 months
(Image: Alice Orr/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

She broke down in tears in court as the verdict was announced following a statement by her boyfriend in which he made a plea for mercy.

He said in a statement: "Now I have had time to think, I was drinking too when it happened.

"I think I either moved into the knife accidentally or she accidentally did it because she was drunk.

"I do not think she meant to do it. She is honest, truthful and hardworking.

"There is only trouble when she drinks alcohol. I do not believe she should get a custodial sentence."

The court heard the pair had been in a "toxic and volatile" relationship for five years with police being regularly called to their home.

Mr Stewart made a a courtroom plea to have Orr freed
(Image: Charlie Stewart/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Prosecutor Mark Brookes said: ''Both of them like to drink. On the day of the incident on May 5, 2021, the defendant went to work at 6am.

"She and Mr Stewart were texting each other in an affectionate manner during the day.

"The defendant returned home around 7.40pm and then proceeded to drink two bottles of wine on her own.

"Just before midnight, Mr Stewart made a meal to eat, which he would also take to work with him the next day.

"At this point, the defendant turns towards the stove and stabs him with a kitchen knife.

"It was single stab wound to the abdomen, the right hand side of his back."

Mr Stewart went to hospital, where he had a CT scan which showed the knife went one and a half inches into him, so he needed three stitches, the court heard.

Charlie Stewart suffered an injury to his lower back and needed three stitches
(Image: Charlie Stewart/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Mr Brookes said the woman was taken into custody and told police the couple drink too much and that she has a borderline personality disorder.

Orr had previous convictions for battery against Mr Stewart, the court was told.

Her counsel Mark Shanks said of the stabbing: "Her memory is limited and she accepts her role and I am not blaming the victim at all.

"This is a volatile relationship and there have been a number of occasions where the police have been called where she has been subject to some violence but she has not taken the matter any further.

"It is a toxic relationship – neither party comes out of it well."

Mr Shanks added the woman has been "vulnerable" from a young age and ran away from her home.

The court heard the couple had a 'volatile' relationship
(Image: Charlie Stewart/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

But despite this, she will be supported by her family as her father found some alcohol courses for her in the past.

He added that Orr's relationship with her mum has also improved.

He said: "She wants to move on and has worked hard throughout her adult life maintaining jobs. She wants to be a useful member of society.

"She acknowledges the harm that could have been caused by her behaviour. Her remorse is clear to me.

"She is extremely sorry for her behaviour – both to the victim and in general.

Orr admitted drinking before the incident
(Image: Alice Orr/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

"She is fully aware the starting point of this offence is immediate imprisonment. I would argue this can be an exceptional case that would allow you to step back from an immediate sentence and for it to be suspended.”

But Judge John Edwards told her: "You have previous convictions for battery against the same victim and you have previous breaches of restraining orders.

"You put your partner at risk of serious harm and the ramifications of what you did are quite frankly too frightening to contemplate. The domestic context makes it even more serious.

"You consumed two bottles of wine that evening. It was a volatile and toxic relationship where drink was an ever present feature.

"Mr Stewart was facing the kitchen hob when you stabbed him in the back for no reason. That could have had had devastating consequences.

"The knife went on one and a half inches and a fraction either way and he could have been on a mortuary slab.

"I accept you feel shame and guilt. I am sure he is right that you are not a bad person but an attack of this nature has to be marked by immediate custody. It is so serious to be dealt with in any other way."

Orr was also banned from contacting Mr Stewart for five years under the terms of a restraining order.

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