WandaVision fans divided over ‘new’ Disney+ end credit scene as some see floating figure

Wanda and Vision (Image: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

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If you've watched Marvel's WandaVisison television series, you'll know that the finale features an end credits scene, showing Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) sitting on the porch steps of a cabin surrounded by mountains and trees.

As a kettle boils, she heads inside and makes herself a cup of tea.

The camera then cuts to another room at the back of the house, where viewers see a red-eyed Scarlet Witch reading from the Book of the Damned.

The cries of two boys can be heard, asking for help and Scarlet Witch looks up from the book, just as the scene ends.

This final episode aired on Disney+ back in March, but eagle-eyed fans think it has since been altered by Marvel.

Some fans say they see a floating figure in the end credits scene now

According to a number of people on social media, there is a 'new' end credits scene on Disney+ which now shows a shadowy figure, floating down a mountain towards the cabin as Wanda sits on the steps.

The identity of the floating figure has divided fans, with some believing it to be Doctor Strange, as Wanda's character is next set to appear in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2022.

Others on Facebook suggested that the figure could be the Marvel character Mephisto, while some thought it was the white Vision.

However, there were those that didn't see anything new at all in the post-credit scene or argued that it was nothing more than an editing mistake.

A TikTok user named @jbuckstudios recently shared a video saying: "So Disney went ahead and changed the ending of WandaVision expecting no one to figure it out.

"So if you remember there's a post-credits scene of Wanda out in a cabin and whatnot."

He goes on to show the original ending and compare it to the new end credits scene.

"If you go to Disney+ now and watch this scene, there's something different in the background.

"Now this is the new ending and if we zoom in, what is going on right there, is that a silhouette? Who is that? Why did they change that? Is that Doctor Strange."

He adds: "Obviously something is going on, what do you think?"

The video went viral, with hundreds of people commenting to share their thoughts.

One said: "Maybe the events of Loki are changing things in previous entries?"

Another replied: "Lol it's a weird change. I'm sure it's not relevant though."

"I don't see it," admitted someone else.

A fourth wrote: "It's Mephisto duh!"

A different user added: "Don't know why but when I saw it I thought silver surfer, but yeah it's probs Doctor Strange."

Do you see the change in the scene? What do you think it means? Let us know in the comments below.

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