Love Island Jake Cornish’s mum couldn’t bear to watch son gyrating with Liberty

Love Island has been heating up but it’s not always comfortable viewing for the parents

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Love Island star Jake Cornish’s mum had to get away from her TV while he gyrated with co-star Liberty Poole.

Rachel Cornish and husband Mark had been glued to the box as they watched their son hook up with the Brummie student.

But Rachel, who has an uncanny resemblance to Liberty, had to leave the room when the couple enjoyed some dirty dancing together.

Jake’s dad Mark, 52, said: “When he was doing a challenge and gyrating with Liberty, Rachel turned her back to that one, which was quite funny.”

While Rachel, 51, cringed at her son’s antics, Mark added: “You’ve just got to take it all with a pinch of salt I think. It’s entertaining.”

Jake, 24, is a bit of a mummy’s boy who regularly posts pictures of himself with Rachel on social media. Mark says they are “really close”.

Jake Cornish
(Image: ITV)

And although Rachel was initially put off by Liberty’s raunchy moves, Mark says they would welcome her with open arms if Jake brought her home.

He explained: “Liberty seems like a down-to-earth girl to be honest. From what I can see she’s not trying to be anyone, she’s just being herself.

“It’s quite funny when he was ­cuddling up to her in bed and she had a smile on her face. I think she seems a genuine girl. If he likes her, he will stay with her I think.

Liberty Poole
(Image: ITV)

“We’d welcome her with open arms, definitely. She seems a lovely girl.”

But manager Mark says Liberty might have to compete with Jake’s biggest passion – getting sweaty in the gym.

He said: “He likes his gym and he’s dedicated. That’s his life every day after work. He tells me what to eat so I eat healthily. Well, he tells me to, but I don’t.

“He’s one of these chaps who is dedicated to his gym work. So if he had a girlfriend she’d have to accept he’d go to the gym every day.

“But he doesn’t drink a lot as such and he does like days out. If he’s got a young lady I’m sure he’d have days out. He’s not one of these people that would just sit indoors and watch television. He wants to go out and do stuff.”

Jake and Liberty get to grips with one another
(Image: ITV)

Jake, a water engineer, grew up in Wells, Somerset, but moved to Weston-super-Mare after splitting with his girlfriend of seven years during lockdown.

Mark says he always dreamed of going on the ITV show, even when he was in a relationship. He said: “I thought it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He’s ­always wanted to do something like that. I’d seen the show – it’s entertaining.”

In one of our exclusive snaps, Jake can be seen posing in a Three Lions football shirt aged seven during a holiday in England.

Mark, who appears in tonight’s episode of Aftersun on ITV2 and the ITV Hub, says Jake was accident prone as a little boy.

Jake as a youngster
(Image: ITV/Jake Cornish)

He added: “Growing up, he has been a clumsy child! I normally spend a day in A&E a year at the local hospital with him.”

Last week, Love Island fans saw Jake and Liberty snog and talk about their favourite sex positions – although Jake ruined the romantic mood by breaking wind loudly soon after they kissed on one of the day beds, leaving her gasping for air.

And some viewers suspect he may be more keen on the 21-year-old’s lookalike mum Jo Poole following a probing chat.

The singletons were the first couple formed during the first show of the highly-anticipated seventh ­series, though Liberty’s head was briefly turned by hunky Brad McClelland.

Now viewers think Liberty, who studies marketing at Birmingham City University and waitresses at Nando’s, could be heading for early heartbreak after Jake expressed an interest in her mother – before ­commenting that she was probably a ‘MILF’, leaving fans thinking he has ‘mummy issues’.

Jake Cornish with his mum

Then Liberty’s Instagram shared a glamorous snap of the mother and daughter duo, alongside the hilarious caption: ‘Oi Jake keep your eyes off of Liberty’s beautiful mum.’

As Liberty asked what kind of personality in a girl Jake tends to go for, he replied: “I like a mumsy in the week and then lets her hair down at the weekend”.

He went on to add that he was “massively family ­oriented”, with Liberty agreeing that family is important to her as well.

At this, Jake flashed a smile as he asked: “Does your mum look like you? I reckon she does, doesn’t she? I reckon you’ve got a MILF of a mum!”

Liberty then nodded saying: “Yeah! Everyone thinks we’re like sisters when we go out! I inherited the good genes of her. She looks really good for her age.”

Jake responded: “Oh bless her. I’d like to meet your mum!”

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