Corrie Ryan actor’s real life, Emmerdale role, ripped body and replacing original actor

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Ryan Prescott isn't the first actor to play Ryan Connor – and it's led to some nasty abuse.

The 32-year-old actor took over the role of Michelle's troublesome son back in 2018, but it wasn't his first time in soapland.

Ryan's first major role was as Flynn Buchanan in Emmerdale in 2011, who was introduced as a love interest for Aaron Dingle.

The actor was shocked by the level of fame it brought him and was even stopped for autographs after his 12 episode stint on the ITV soap.

Ryan went on to appear in Holby City, The Syndicate, Doctors and Casualty before finally landing the job of a lifetime on Corrie.

But some nasty trolls were not happy with his casting and viciously attacked him on social media, with Ryan explaining: "I've had a few … you always get the occasional Facebook message. There's always haters out there.

"Nothing too crazy but people give their opinion. Someone will say something like 'I much preferred the other Ryan or something like that. I never reply. That's where people go wrong."

Ryan Prescott played Aaron's love interest in Emmerdale
(Image: ITV)

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Ryan is the third actor to have played Ryan Connor – joining the cast when the character was reintroduced after Michelle's biological son Ali Neeson returned in 2018.

The original star was Ben Thompson, who played Ryan from 2006 to 2010 and was gutted when he was dropped from the soap.

"It wasn't my choice to leave Coronation Street," said Ben – with Kym Marsh admitting she was shocked and upset.

"But a new producer came in and wanted to shake things up. I am one of the characters that sadly wasn't part of the plan. Ryan is being sent off to university and can come back, but I don't know if that will happen for the foreseeable future.

"I am sad, because it has been the biggest part of my life for the past four years. It has given me the freedom to work on my music, though."

When the character came back six years later, he was played by new actor Sol Heras as a much darker version.

Heras had the role between 2012 and 2013 and left at the end of his contract.

Ryan shocked fans with this incredible snap
(Image: Ryan Prescott/Instagram)

Current actor Ryan is certainly well-travelled and regular posts snaps on Instagram from his holidays around the well.

He has been to Thailand, Amsterdam, Monaco and most of the USA – but he's always returned home to the north of England.

Ryan is also a keen gym user and shocked fans when he posted a gym selfie showing off his incredible physique.

Showing off his ripped chest and arms, the soap star wrote: "Rooaaarrrrr cleavage and stashe."

In another, he wrote: "At times we feel life holding us down, with all the weight of our own little worlds on our shoulders…sometimes it can be hard to see that every time we’re down there…a tiny window of opportunity is created for us to GET BACK UP. I miss you squat rack"

One of his friends even jokingly asked if he has been cast as The Hulk.

Ryan posting a behind-the-scenes snap with his on-screen mum
(Image: Ryan Prescott/Instagram)

While Ryan loves being on the soap, there has been a dark side to playing Ryan Connor.

Six months after starting on Corrie, the actor confessed passionate fans had left him wary of going out in public.

The character caused a stir in the early days of his return, particularly as he was involved in the death of pal Cormac, whose mob boss dad Ronan Truman then targeted the whole Connor family.

Asked about the reaction to playing such a provocative character, he said: "Ryan's going to get a kicking I know he is. This is why I'm cautious in the streets now

"Stuff like that does happen and you've got to remember people have been watching this show for over 50 years.

"And when you're watching a show for such a long period of time on such a regular basis it builds a natural reality for itself and people are quite passionate about it."

With Ryan out of the car Ronan drives straight at him
(Image: ITV)

Ryan is currently at the centre of a dark storyline – with his character appearing to be the victim of scheming Daisy Midgeley.

After being plied with cocktails, manipulative Daisy took Ryan back with her and he woke up in her bed the next morning.

Daisy deliberately got Ryan drunk after touching his leg and hid his phone so girlfriend Alya Nazir could not contact him.

The following morning, Ryan had no recollection of what happened and Daisy pretended she could not remember what happened either.

Sheepish Ryan was forced to confess to Alya that he had no idea whether he slept with Daisy, who then came out with more lies to try and ruin their relationship.

Will this be the end for Ryan and Alya? And will Daisy get her claws in further?

Ryan has showed off his muscles in the soap

Ryan the actor hopes the couple will last but said he would also love a more serious storyline for his character – possibly as a result of the new twist.

Speaking to The Mirror, he explained: "I think his hapless nature would be really great within a story which is a little darker, a little more serious.

"I think there is the opportunity for more pathos with Ryan and and his ignorance to things. That could be a lot of fun with something a little darker."

On his future on the soap, he added: "I'd like to see him invest in his life and make a little success for himself.

"I think a lot of this has been him wanting to show Alya that he's somebody. She has got so much going for her and he feels like a nobody.

"But something a little more serious and darker would be great."

Daisy has been playing mind games with Ryan

Ryan believes that his character needs to be with Alya as there is more room for him to grow as a human being.

On the split after his actions, Ryan continued: "He's devastated and he wants to save the relationship. There's a window for that for him and he's hopeful of it but I think that's it.

"I don't think he believes that he deserves to be forgiven for it, but at the same time he's made so much progress in this past year or so, and Alya is everything to him.

"His lack of purpose drives through his life because he's not got much going on here, there's not much tying him to living there other than Alya.

"She's that rock for him and that stability. Losing him has shaken his world."

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