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1. Freed burglars to wear 24-hour tags

Burglars released from jail are to be tagged 24/7 to tackle reoffending, under Boris Johnson’s crackdown on crime.

The Prime Minister will announce Tuesday that 19 police forces covering nearly half the country will be able to use the GPS tags to check the movements of burglars, thieves and muggers after they have been freed from prison. Read the full story.

2. Exclusive: Over half of Covid hospitalisations tested positive after admission

More than half of Covid hospitalisations are patients who only tested positive after admission, leaked data reveal.

The figures suggest vast numbers are being classed as hospitalised by Covid when they were admitted with other ailments, with the virus picked up by routine testing. Read the full story.

3. Day four from Tokyo 2020

Follow the latest news in our live blog from the Games – and catch up on what you missed overnight. Read the full story.

4. ‘Consider not rinsing plates before dishwashing’, suggests Prime Minister’s COP26 spokeswoman

People should consider not rinsing plates before putting them in the dishwasher to limit the impact on the environment, Boris Johnson’s COP26 spokeswoman has suggested.

Writing in The Telegraph, Allegra Stratton also floats the idea of freezing left-over bread to reuse rather than throwing it away and ordering shampoo in cardboard packaging. Read the full story.

5. EU’s protocol proposals don’t go far enough, says UK

Britain has told the European Union that new proposals from Brussels aimed at resolving the standoff over the Northern Ireland Protocol do not go far enough.

On Monday, the EU issued a paper which suggested that checks on over-the-counter medicines destined for Northern Ireland could be conducted by UK authorities. Read the full story.

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