Planet Normal: ‘We no longer have a conservative government’

“Welcome to tax-and-spend Toryism”, Allison Pearson tells her fellow columnist and Planet Normal co-host, Liam Halligan on this week’s edition of the podcast, which you can listen to using the audio player above. “This is no longer a party of low taxes and high growth. Boris Johnson has gone full Labour on us with his health and social care levy.”

Reacting to news that Boris Johnson’s government has raised taxes to their highest level since the Second World War, Liam Halligan tells the podcast why very little of the new National Insurance hike will actually go towards solving the social care crisis: ’This is really about a massive tax rise to pay for this NHS backlog, which in part is caused by Covid lockdowns, and it’s wrapped in the guise of a long-term solution to our social care dilemma, which it most certainly is not.”

Also on the podcast: NHS GP Renee Hoenderkamp tells our co-hosts why an unwarranted fear of catching coronavirus twice means too few GPs have returned to in-person care, why she just can’t support Covid vaccinations for under 18s and why on earth she chose to redo her A-Levels in her thirties.

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