Drunk Turkish man joins search party looking for himself

A Turkish man who was reported missing after he wandered off from his friends while drunk unwittingly joined his own search party.

According to Turkish media reports, relatives of the man, Beyhan Mutlu, raised the alarm about him going missing on Tuesday.

For several hours, Mr Mutlu’s friends and family had been unable to find him, prompting them to set up a search party in the forest where he had disappeared.

But Mr Mutlu, 50, eventually stumbled across one of the groups in the woods and joined their search. He was only discovered when someone called out his name and he replied "I am here."

Authorities took the man’s statement before driving him home, according to the Turkish broadcaster NTV.

The unusual case is similar to that of a tourist in Iceland who went missing in 2012 after straying from the tour bus.

The bus had stopped off outside Iceland’s stunning Eldgja canyon when the unnamed woman wandered off to change her clothing and "freshen up", according to Icelandic media reports.

But when she then returned to the bus, the other passengers did not recognise her as she was wearing different clothes. Unaware that she was the missing woman, the tourist then joined her own search party.

The search was called off several hours later, at 3am, when the mixup was finally discovered.

Icelandic police said the "missing" woman had not recognised the search party’s description of herself as a fluent English speaker in dark clothing. 

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