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1. Sarah Everard murder: How police officer Wayne Couzens plotted his unspeakable crime

The abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by Wayne Couzens shook the nation. The armed diplomatic protection officer used emergency Covid laws to falsely arrest and then kidnap Sarah. 

On Wednesday at the Old Bailey, the prosecution detailed, minute-by-minute and day-by-day, Couzens’ heinous crime, his attempts to cover it up and the painstaking work of his fellow officers to catch him. Read the full story.

2. Fears for online deliveries as fuel is diverted from business fleets to forecourts

Fuel is being diverted from large companies to garage forecourts in a move that threatens to disrupt online deliveries, The Telegraph has learnt.

Bosses across Britain’s fuel terminals are under orders to prioritise motorists over major firms as ministers scramble to avoid angry scenes at the petrol pumps. Read the full story.

3. French fishermen ‘could block Channel tunnel’ over licences row

French fishermen could block the Channel tunnel after being denied access to UK’s waters as Jersey announced it would also grant fewer than half of the fishing licences demanded by Paris.

The threat of militant action was a furious response to the UK decision to grant licences to fish in its territorial waters to only 12 small French boats out of 47 applications. Read the full story.

4. Who is Lady Starmer? The reluctant political spouse who could be Sir Keir’s secret weapon

Denis Thatcher famously commented that the role of a politician’s consort was to be “always present, never there”.

Yet by wowing the crowds in Brighton with her Labour Party Conference debut, Sir Keir Starmer’s glamorous wife Victoria added some much-needed colour to an event which, like her husband, had been criticised for being too “beige” and “boring”. Read the full story.

5. Katie Price faces jail after drink-drive crash

Katie Price has been warned she faces prison for drink-driving after she crashed her car while travelling to see a friend because she was feeling “lonely”.

Ms Price, a former glamour model and mother of five, pleaded guilty to drink-driving while disqualified and without insurance following a crash near her home in West Sussex. Read the full story.

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