A masterpiece worthy of Monet

Standing on a ‘Monet bridge’, visitors to Cornwall’s Trebah Gardens might well feel like they are immersed in a living masterpiece by the French impressionist. 

Despite being deep into autumn, Mallard Pond is a work of art with a stunning display of mostly blue hydrangeas. 

Two acres of hydrangeas border its banks, creating a wall of colour in late summer months and seen in this photograph as dotted pastels across the landscape.

They were originally planted in 1949. In order to raise income for the garden, the cut blooms were sent to Covent Garden flower market. 

James Dadzitis / SWNS

The garden has since expanded and in 2006 a bridge, painted a pale blue to ensure it reflects in the water, was installed. 

The pond is stocked with Golden Orfe after its previous residents of rainbow trout suffered sunburn after swimming near the surface waiting for food from visitors. 

The plants continue to bloom beautifully year upon year.  It takes the gardeners about three weeks to prune the hydrangeas in March and it is this careful cultivation that promotes the large flower heads and new vigour at the base of the plants. 

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