Universities offer helping hand to students paying their way with sex work

Top universities are offering training to students who are involved in sex work.

Durham, Leicester, Manchester and Newcastle are inviting undergraduates to access tools to help them navigate challenges they might face when escorting, performing on web cams and stripping.

Confidential helplines for students and webinars on the sex industry are among the resources being offered.

Jonah Graham, welfare and liberation officer at Durham Students’ Union, said: “Students engaging in sex work is a fact of life due to the rising costs of higher education. We know that some students who rely on this work to fund their studies face stigma that may prevent them from accessing adequate support within the institution or via external services.

“Therefore, in partnership with the Universities Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Team, we are providing training to staff and students on how best to support students working in the sex industry.”

An emerging trend among students

A Durham University spokesperson added: “We are aware that some universities have identified engagement in sex work as an emerging trend among students. We have responded by working with external experts to develop a resource guide and training to ensure that staff and students are able to access and offer appropriate support and resources.

“We want to ensure that students can be safe and make informed choices and staff are able to respond effectively to such disclosures.”

Geoff Green, registrar and secretary at the University of Leicester, said: “We know that there are a number of reasons students may decide to undertake different types of sex work, and that these are not exclusively financial. We recognise this is very much a reality at universities across the world.

“Our priority remains the care and wellbeing of all students, who have the right to be safe and free from harm whether they are studying or working.”

Manchester and Newcastle were contacted for comment.

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