Children trapped as school bus carrying 60 overturns in Lincolnshire

Sixty children were trapped inside a school bus after it careered off a country lane and crashed into a hedge.

The double-decker was on the morning run carrying pupils to local schools when it left Meadow Lane near North Hykeham, Lincolnshire.

A boy, 12, suffered a broken arm and a 14-year-old girl was taken to hospital after students were thrown from their seats.

A 12-year-old girl who was on the bus told of the moment the double-decker creaked just before ploughing into a hedgerow.

Sian Taylor described it as a "really weird experience" and that some people got their arms stuck.

The bus in the hedge after it left the road

Credit: Adam Marsden/SWNS

She said: "You knew something was about to happen and then the next minute the bus is tipped over, everybody has fallen and the glass has all shattered."

An emergency triage centre was set up for children involved in the crash and Lincolnshire Police urged parents to stay away from the scene and asked them to gather at St Christopher’s School.

St Christopher’s is a special school for pupils with learning difficulties and is located six miles from the crash scene, though none of their pupils were on the bus.

It is understood the bus was taking pupils to two local secondary schools – the Sir Robert Pattison Academy and the North Kesteven Academy.

The Sir Robert Pattinson Academy said the headteacher and other senior members of staff "rushed to the scene" as soon as they were told.

Chief Inspector Phil Vickers said most of the pupils on board were unharmed, with a small number suffering "cuts and bruises".

He also stressed that, contrary to initial reports, the bus had not overturned.

"As we understand it, the vehicle’s passenger side has gone on to a soft verge and slid against a hedgerow," he said.

One resident on Meadow Lane said: "This road is only dangerous when people drive silly.

“This stretch, because it is long and straight, is very difficult for people to keep the speed down.

“That stretch of road on Meadow Lane is particularly bad."

The vehicle was eventually towed away from the road at around 12pm and the road reopened.

The double-decker bus is towed away

Credit: Josh Payne/PA

One side of the Stagecoach bus’s windscreen and other windows appeared to have smashed in the crash.

In a statement, Stagecoach East Midlands said: "Our immediate thoughts are with the children involved and their families.

"We are giving the police our full support in helping to investigate and establish the circumstances of the incident."

Girl, 12, tells of how glass shattered and children’s arms became trapped

Sian Taylor, 12, was on the bus when it crashed earlier this morning.

Speaking alongside her mum, Corrine Wilkinson, 47, she said: "I was on my way to school this morning and the bus just crashed.

"It was a really weird experience, everybody is just so lucky that we have not been majorly injured.

"Some people got their arms stuck but we are really lucky that nothing majored happened to us.

"I was literally just talking to somebody about school and I suddenly heard this creak and I do not think you have enough time to react properly.

"You knew something was about to happen and then the next minute the bus is tipped over, everybody has fallen and the glass has all shattered.

"I am perfectly fine and I am just hoping that everyone else is okay too."

Speaking about the incident, her mother Ms Wilkinson added: "Panic just completely set in and you are trying not to panic because you know it will not help anything but you kind of want to get there as fast as you can.

"The police blocked the road off so a lot of us could not get through which I fully understand because the last thing they need is all the parents turning up.

"It was a relief when I managed to get here and see that she was alright. You do get told that they are okay but until you actually see for yourself it is just human nature as a parent you are bound to worry.

"My friend’s daughter goes on the bus and Sian does not take her phone to school but my friend’s daughter does so I rang her mum and she managed to pass my number onto her daughter so she could let me hear Sian’s voice

"Our plan is to go home now, cuddle up, watch films together and just appreciate each other."

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