How Meghan’s briefing notes ended up in final version of Finding Freedom

The Duchess of Sussex’s email notes, sent to her most trusted aide for the purposes of briefing the authors of her biography, appear to have made it into the published version of Finding Freedom.

The Duchess wrote a lengthy list of “reminders” to Jason Knauf across five topics the biographers wished to talk about.

Mr Knauf later met Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand for a two-hour meeting in which details of their book – which they were still writing – were discussed. 

On Wednesday, the Duchess apologised to the Court of Appeal for forgetting that she had known about the meeting, authorised Mr Knauf to speak and sent an email with her own briefing notes.

Her “reminders” included details about a meeting with the Queen to choose her wedding tiara, the reasoning behind the Sussexes’ move to Windsor and biographical information about her half-siblings.  

Her description of a private meeting with the Queen which included their conversation, was not repeated in full in the biography, suggesting Mr Knauf or the authors took the tactful decision not to share the more personal elements of conversation. 

The Duchess’s email notes

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