Russian defence firm founded by Putin launches aftershave that smells like a fighter jet cockpit

A Russian defence giant founded by President Vladimir Putin has launched a men’s aftershave that evokes the cockpit of a fighter jet.

The release of the ‘Checkmate’ scent – named after a stealth jet unveiled by the Russian leader earlier this year – comes ahead of Christmas and amid increasing military tensions between Moscow and the West.

"The notes of the fragrance combine the scents of glass, natural leather and metals used in the construction of the fuselage, engines and cockpit of the aircraft," a spokesman for the state-backed defence group Rostec said.

The aftershave, which comes in a bottle topped with a knight chess piece, was developed in partnership with the Perfumers’ Guild of Russia.

The Checkmate plane is a Sukhoi jet that is able to reach twice the speed of sound and can be converted to an unpiloted version, according to its designers, who aim to see it take to the skies by 2023.

It is part of a growing arsenal that Mr Putin has described as “invincible”, and analysts say is fuelling a new arms race. The US and Kyiv have warned Moscow could be planning an imminent invasion of Ukraine as troops mass near the country’s border.

In a promotional video for the scent featuring the plane of the same name, a narrator intones: "While the majority are hesitating, there is a handful of those who change the world.

"While the majority are playing by the rules, a few rewrite the rules to suit themselves.”

Detractors were quick to point out online that glass has no discernable scent.

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