Drug dealers accused of raffling off Christmas hamper stuffed with cocaine and jamon

Spanish police have arrested two suspected drug dealers who were raffling off a Christmas hamper containing cocaine, hashish, alcohol – and even a leg of cured ham, they said on Tuesday.

Officers discovered the unusual lottery when they raided a drug den allegedly operated by the two men, a Spaniard and an Argentinian, in the eastern city of Murcia, the police said in a statement.

On the wall they found a list of clients taking part in two raffles to win a "narco-hamper", one on Christmas Day and the other on Epiphany on January 6, a major holiday in Spain, it added.

"The basket… included cocaine, hashish, tobacco, cash and even an eight-kilo cured ham," police said.

Tickets cost five euros (£4) for the Christmas lottery and 10 euros for the second draw, according to pictures released by police of handwritten signs found on the walls of the drug den.

The lucky tickets would be those that bore the same number as the winners of Spain’s two major National Lottery draws, at Christmas and on January 6.

Specifically, the Epiphany narco-hamper contained five grams of cocaine, a bottle of single malt whisky, 10 packs of cigarettes, a reserve-quality ham and a choice between "25 grams of cannabis pollen or half an hour in a Murcia brothel", according to the police.

The police said they seized 165 marijuana plants as well as 33 halogen lamps which were used to grow them, as well as "diverse quantities of cocaine and hashish" as part of their operation.

The two men, aged 30 and 45, have been charged with drug trafficking and stealing electricity from the grid to cultivate the cannabis.

Gourmet hampers containing wine, liquor, cured ham and sweets are a common gift in Spain during the Christmas holidays, especially from companies to employees and clients.

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