In pictures: Seven days of isolation

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Image source, Richard Tymon

Richard Tymon, a photographer based in Glossop, Derbyshire, recently embarked on a trip to Sweden for his first international photography exhibition. His wife, Claire, and two children, Mabel, 11, and Riley, 12, also attended the launch in Borlänge.

Everything went well until the family took their routine Covid tests 48 hours prior to returning to the UK, when one family member tested positive, despite none of them having any symptoms.

The family swiftly followed advice from the Swedish Health Authority and holed up in their hotel room for the next seven days.

Image source, Richard Tymon

During this time, Richard documented their experience.

Mundane moments such as the croissants on the daily breakfast trolley, washing clothes in the bath, playing card games and exploring the local restaurants through a food delivery app were captured and shared online.

"It's been amazing to connect with friends and family through the photographs online," says Richard.

"The hotel even noticed the images and kindly brought the children card games and art supplies, after a comment that Mabel was running out of things to draw on and Riley was about to 'finish Netflix'".

Image source, Richard TymonImage source, Richard Tymon

"Claire worked every day, often into the evening. She's very modest – but it's been amazing to see her dedication. Video calls, funding bids and strategic planning have all been completed from our room."

Image source, Richard TymonImage source, Richard Tymon

"We have been really lucky that we have remained healthy throughout the isolation period. We tried our best to not worry about testing positive again, but the fear of it resulting in another seven days in the hotel room, over Christmas, was always on our mind.

"I didn't document the five minute workout – it only happed once, but the kids still had fun testing the beds out!"

Image source, Richard TymonImage source, Richard Tymon

"The hotel were amazing with us, they even brought us a bottle of Cava to celebrate it being Friday.

"The daily calls with family members were highlights of the day.

Image source, Richard Tymon

"The Swedish Air Force performed an annual fly-by in a Christmas tree formation – unless the kids are right and it's a computer cursor."

Image source, Richard Tymon

"There's really no getting away from each other [in isolation] – thankfully, the kids are used to having a Dad as a photographer.

"Playing chess, watching Christmas movies and card games all helped to pass the time."

Image source, Richard TymonImage source, Richard Tymon

"We managed to translate web pages online so we could shop with a local supermarket: we purchased Christmas decorations and essential supplies which they delivered to reception.

"Thankfully, after a week of uncertainty, we have all received negative test results and are about to travel home on one of the last flights before the 25th."

You can see more of Richard Tymon's work on his website.


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