Your pictures on the theme of ‘sparkles’

We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of "sparkles". Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

Image source, Harald LoefflerImage caption, Harald Loeffler: "At 7am on a cold Alaska morning I took a few photos of my pilot taxiing to his dock in Lake Clark National Park after he got the wings warmed up and de-iced in the sun. The morning mist was just burning off and the rippled water reflected like a scattering of jewels."Image source, Tom CandalinoImage caption, Tom Candalino: "An other-worldly photo created by using a long exposure during a fireworks display."Image source, Andrew WebsterImage caption, Andrew Webster: "Just south of Faribault, Minnesota, off of Interstate 35, there is a tree that one of the farmers does a wonderful job illuminating with over 48,000 lights. I love taking pictures of this tree with fresh undistributed snow and this was taken right after it had finished snowing."Image source, Hannah Marie HernandezImage caption, Hannah Marie Hernandez: "My fiancé and his father celebrate the New Year with fireworks and sparklers. This was taken in the Furutangen mountains in Osen, Norway."Image source, Maggie CrouchImage caption, Maggie Crouch: "Christmas sparkle, Sanibel Island, Florida."Image source, HadeelImage caption, Hadeel : "I tried to be creative at home by creating a magical sparkling night. Being the photographer and the model in the photo is not an easy task, but the result was worth it."Image source, Susan GarnettImage caption, Susan Garnett: "Alfie and the sparkles."Image source, Keith KnightImage caption, Keith Knight: "My wife's bangles sparkling."Image source, Chris DaleImage caption, Chris Dale: "Part of a year-long project around Sherwood Forest, looking at the small details on a morning, with dew-covered grasses and cobwebs catching the light."Image source, Stuart LyallImage caption, Stuart Lyall: "Our dog Honey unimpressed with the sparkles on her birthday cakes, and encouraging my daughters to blow out the candles so she can start eating."Image source, Rachael BlakeyImage caption, Rachael Blakey: "This is a frozen bubble. I make my own bubble mixture that will work outside in below freezing temperatures. On this occasion it was -15C. As the bubble forms I use my macro lens to capture the ice crystals forming. Taken in New Brunswick, Canada."Image source, James O'DriscollImage caption, James O'Driscoll: "A swing Carousel reflection from Millennium Square Christmas Market in Bristol."Image source, Ian NewtonImage caption, Ian Newton: "A very frosty morning by the canal at Higher Poynton, Cheshire."Image source, Percy HerbertImage caption, Percy Herbert: "We had sparklers (and marshmallows) around the campfire on my birthday this year."Image source, Tim SimpsonImage caption, Tim Simpson: "A Scootopia racing Lambretta with burning wire wool."Image source, Ben LambImage caption, Ben Lamb: "Mother and son sat around camp fire under the canopy of the sparkling Milky Way."

The next theme is "view from a window", and the deadline for entries is 11 January 2022.

The pictures will be published later that week and you will be able to find them, along with other galleries, on the In Pictures section of the website.

You can upload your entries on this page or email them to [email protected]

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Further details and themes are at: We set the theme, you take the pictures.

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