Watch: More than 40 vehicles involved in pile-up on Wisconsin interstate

Icy weather conditions in Wisconsin have caused a pile-up involving more than 40 vehicles, leaving Interstate 94 closed.

The State Patrol said that freezing rain formed ice on the road surface between Menomonie and Black River Falls.

Just before 6am on Thursday, a lorry lost control and reportedly slid in the central reservation near Hixton.

Two cars were caught underneath the vehicle that then set on fire. 

The accident triggered a series of collisions and incidents in the tailback.

It had initially been reported that more than 100 vehicles were involved, but State Patrol Lieutenant Tim Weiberg has said the number was closer to 40.

There we no fatalities and only minor injuries had to be treated.

Both the eastbound and westbound lanes of the interstate are still closed as authorities work to clear the road. 

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