April Fabb missing: Anniversary appeal leads to calls

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Fabb family

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April Fabb went missing on 8 April 1969

Police investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl 50 years ago have said a new appeal yielded 18 calls from the public.

April Fabb, 13, went missing near her home in Metton, Norfolk, on 8 April 1969.

Norfolk Police said the calls that came in after a 50th anniversary appeal were being reviewed, but no new lines of inquiry had yet been identified.

April was described by a detective who worked on the case as “our Lord Lucan”.

She had been cycling to her sister’s house in a nearby village to deliver a birthday present to her brother-in-law.

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Norfolk Constabulary

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April’s bike was found lying in a field, as pictured in this police reconstruction

But an hour after she left home her bike was discovered abandoned in a field. No-one has ever been charged.

Half a century after her disappearance, police renewed their appeal for anyone with information to come forward.

Cold case manager Andy Guy said: “I do believe there are still people alive today who may know, or strongly suspect what happened to April, and we would always review and pursue any new credible information that could unlock this mystery.”

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