Extinction Rebellion climate change protest: 122 arrested as half a million people affected

More than 100 people have been arrested for taking part in ongoing climate change protests in London.

The number surged to 122 after a police order came into force restricting demonstrations to a site at Marble Arch.

However, groups lingered at other major sites including Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square into the early hours of this morning.

The Metropolitan Police said to impose the condition limiting the protest to the Marble Arch area it required evidence that serious disruption was being caused to communities in the capital.

“We so far have 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected as a result,” said Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove.


“We are taking positive action against those who are choosing to ignore this condition and are continuing to demonstrate in other areas across London.”

TfL has warned some parts of London remain blocked

Transport for London warned that some roads in Westminster and the West End remained blocked.

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Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove of the Metropolitan Police said: “Ongoing demonstrations are causing serious disruption to public transport, local businesses and Londoners who wish to go about their daily business…

“We have significant resources in place to deal with any incidents that may arise.”

Most of the arrests were for breaching the order instructing protesters to stay at Marble Arch.

Three men and two women were held on suspicion of criminal damage after protesters vandalised the energy company Shell’s headquarters on Monday.

                              Extinction Rebellion climate change protest: 122 arrested as half a million people affected

Protesters vandalised Shell's headquarters

Extinction Rebellion said it aimed to cause more than £6,000 of damage so they could be tried by a jury at a crown court.

The group confirmed more than 100 “brave rebels” had been arrested, some deliberately.

It tweeted that climate change protests took place in 33 countries on Monday, adding: “Day 2 starting, come and #RebelforLife.”

One of the protest organisers, Dr Gail Bradbrook, said: “The UN has given us until 2020 to change the course of humanity.

“If that doesn’t happen human extinction in my children’s lifetime is a possibility.

                              Extinction Rebellion climate change protest: 122 arrested as half a million people affected

Extinction Rebellion occupied roads and bridges in protest

“People need to take their heads out the sand and look at the science and frankly panic and join us. It’s extremely frightening.”

She added that blocking bridges was necessary after other protests, marches and letters to MPs had achieved little.

“Nothing is being done of any real significance,” she said.

“Our demand is the government must tell the truth about the crisis we’re in. And that includes working with communities to build resilience.”

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