Man mocked for “drunkenly” spending over £600 on no-deal Brexit stockpile

A woman has mocked her husband on Twitter after he “drunkenly” ordered £600 worth of items in preparation for a no-deal Brexit. 

Juliet East shared a picture of husband Tony Smollett’s supermarket haul, which includes 144 rolls of toilet paper, more than 50 tins of food and numerous bottles of wine.

In the post, she wrote: “THIS is what my husband’s drunken £600 No Deal shop looks like”.

Mr Smollett put in an order with Tesco which totalled £658.29 after looking at lists suggesting items to stockpile in case the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Ms East, from Worcestershire, decided to stockpile certain items when her work began planning for a no-deal scenario.

Some Twitter users criticised the couple for the cost of their shop

However, she did not tell her husband how much to buy for their family of five and “couldn’t believe” the amount he ordered.

“I didn’t think he was going to buy so much,” she said.

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“He just went mad and bought lots of everything. He was laughing at the situation and said he doesn’t want anyone online to think he’s mad.”

Responding to Ms East’s post, Mr Smollett said: “To be fair to me , it was a joint decision, I wasn’t ‘drunk’ as such, merely tipsy. There may some valid criticism of relative quantities, and some missing items….!”

                              Man mocked for "drunkenly" spending over £600 on no-deal Brexit stockpile

Ms East said she 'couldn't believe' how much her husband ordered

The family said it is becoming “increasingly apparent that no one knows what is going on” with Britain’s departure from the EU.

They said many of their favourite foods come from overseas, and likened the situation to people filling up their cars when there is a petrol shortage.

There are growing fears that the UK could be heading towards a no-deal Brexit, after Commons Speaker John Bercow ruled out bringing Theresa May’s deal back for a third “meaningful vote” unless she put forward substantial changes.

Ms East’s tweet received hundreds of comments and likes online, as many people joked about the contents of the shop.

One Twitter user pointed out the amount of alcohol pictured, saying: “Good to see he (Smollett) picked up the essentials”.

Not all the reaction was positive though, and Ms East said some people gave her a “hard time” about the cost of the food and suggested she was causing a panic.

“We’re a family of five, we have big shopping lists. We’re just trying to keep all the bases covered,” she said.

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